Friday, 21 February 2014

Wreath finished?

Have finished my first wreath but feel it needs something extra,am toying with the idea of tiny lilac flowers dotted about. you can't tell from this picture but there are quite a few big other idea was to have a crocheted bow at the top. I may make both and pin them on to see how it looks.
Been busy in the kitchen,made vegan pizza with vegan cheese from vegusto and chilli in my
 New slow cooker with vbites mince.i have also made extremely crumbly but not dry flapjack,I don't mind the crumbly bits,they are nice for breakfast with almond milk on top.

My crumbly stop your tummy rumbly flapjack!

Vegan pizza,the brown bits are vegan chorizo.

Chilli slow cooker styly! Love my slow cooker.......

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