Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hexagon update

It's day 7 of the hexagon a day crochet along,am still being naughty and so far have 10 hexagons done. Have been joining them as I go but at my craft group last night we were discussing the fact that this method means carrying the whole thing with me,it's not a problem now but things will get heavy in a few months time!!! That being said am loving how it's turning out,joining method included,the little bit of colour that spikes into the next hexagon is really pretty.

  I love joining as I go,I think I will continue in this vein and it can become a home project when it gets too cumbersome to take to craft groups. I really need another project so that I don't do too much too soon on this blanket.i have picked up my pastel granny squares which are probably destined to be cushion covers,not sure yet. Am just enjoying the colours.

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