Sunday, 29 December 2013

Crochet a long

The craft group I belong to is running a square/hexagon(or whatever shape you want really) a day 2014 blanket project on Facebook,I have decided to do Attic24s hexagon pattern(for the moment,I may mix it up later) 

Love this website,if you haven't checked it out yet,you should,lovely inspiring colours and projects and image heavy walkthroughs of patterns.
Have been naughty and started making hexagons already,in my defence am at my sons for Christmas and got wool as a present so am road testing both the wool and pattern,I bought spool knitting with me but there's only so much you can do before your arm wears out!!!
So here are my first attempts

Not perfect but not too bad,don't think they are all the same size and not sure how to sort that as they're all the same wool.hoping my tension will become more even the more I make. Haven't decided on a colour scheme yet for my actual blanket,tempted to go totally random,in which case these hexagons can be part of it,but how to avoid getting garish colour clashes?! Decisions decisions!!!

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