Sunday, 29 September 2013


Have been busy making lots of teeny tiny balls,pattern from the ever inspiring attic24 go to her blog Attic24 scroll down to bottom of post about crocheted lampshade ( on my to do list!!) and you will quickly be addicted.


I have also started making birds which I made up as I went along (winging it ...groan!) . I am making these to string up and hang like those cloth birds you get in hippy shops. Every time I see one I think....I could make that,so am calling myself on it!

This bird is basically a crocheted circle folded in half with a few stitches extended for the tail,this first one has a tail that's a bit too chunky so am going to change that for the next one.the eyes are chain stitch and the wing a semi circle,don't know if Its the right technique but I just started as if to make a circle and turned round when I got half way. Am happy with him,he's so cute!!!!

He's now got a friend and am much happier with his tail,it's so much perkier!!!!This is the wooly jolly mess my table gets in when I'm making things!! I was thinking about whether to just have birds and the teeny balls or whether to add other pretty happy things, hmmm... Went off in search of ideas and found a pattern on craftsy for a rainbow. many brain meanderings later I find myself on a rainbow coloured tangent making a rainbow picture!!!! The birds have no eye dear where I've gone!

The picture is supported by a canvas.i single crocheted the two sides together,then the baubles caught my eye,going with the idea that you can never have too much rainbow,I rustled up more little baubles and fastened them around the picture at the point of shells made of trebles ( oh how I love trebles!) very happy with the result.
Oh dear my table has gotten worse in the night!!!!!

Really want to crochet some more today but don't know if hands up to it,so many ideas so little time!!!!  

Now where did those birds go?

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