Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Raw Kale Crisps

Having tasted the amazing raw kale crisps from Inspiral,I have always wanted to make my own. I didn't really want to use store bought kale and have failed miserably at growing my own ( I do not have green fingers at all!) I looked all over Peterborough market to no avail,maybe it's not the season? So,cut to me emerging from Sainsburys with two huge bags of pre cut Kale in my arms.
I watched this video from the raw food world and used it as a starting point
Matt Monarch and his wife Angela Stokes Monarch are very well known in the raw food world and have various videos on you tube, They are very easy to watch and make raw food interesting and fun! Apart from you tube Angela has her own website and Matt has 3!,these can be found through the raw food world website
Raw food world

NOTE you will need a dehydrator for this recipe

Kale Crisps

Cashew nuts 500g soaked two hours to soften

Nutritional yeast
Lemon juice
Chilli powder
Curry powder
Onion powder

I prepared the kale by cutting out all the stems that were left in from the kale being chopped up.I really would have preferred fresh,in which case i would have left the leaves whole and stripped the stems individually.I soaked a small bag of cashew nuts and blended this with the soak water. My blender is not a high speed oneso I ended up finishing it off in the nut grinder because there were small bits of nuts still showong. The nut blender makes the cashews smooth and creamy. Then its just a case of blending in all the other ingredients and pouring the resulting sauce over the kale.

This is the fun bit,to get all the sauce incorporated into the kale,use your hands to mix and massage the sauce well so all parts of the kale are covered,the lemon juice will wilt the kale slightly and soften it. When the kale is totally covered,spread it thinly onto dehydrator trays.

Dehydrate at 115 for about 4-6 hours or until crisp.
Try not to eat it all at once,beware this is incredibly more ish but luckily very good for you, kale is full of vitamins a,c and k and fibre among other goodies.
If I were to make this again I would use double the amount of cashew nuts to make a more "candied " texture.I would also use home grown kale as shop bought is chopped too small and will have suffered some loss of vitamins in the storage.I would also make much much more as its awesome!!!!

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