Sunday, 28 September 2014

Finished pizza

Finished making the pizza tonight,decided to just use enough for a slice and save the rest. I used a sundried tomato sauce,nut cheese and marinated mushrooms,all recipes in Going Raw by Judita time I will add some greens,mainly for aesthetics as the pizza was less than exciting to look at,but oh the taste!!! The seed/nut cheese was creamy,the base and veggies crunchy and the tomato sauce tangy,what a lovely mix of flavours and textures. Next time I make the base I will make mini round pizzas or maybe lunchbox shaped?! 

This book is brilliant if you are new to raw,it has lots of detailed instructions such as how to sprout seeds,make nut cheeses,raw vegan versions of pizza,burgers,chilli and spaghetti bolognese decadent puddings,fermented foods,wraps,nut milks,smoothies even raw choc chip cookies and an amazing chocolate cherry cheesecake,if I wasn't full of pizza this book would make me seriously hungry!!!

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Dehydrated pizza and courgette crisps

Hi,I have been busy playing in my kitchen yesterday I have wanted to make a dehydrated pizza for ages but never got round to it.I used sprouted kamut grain as the base for my pizza.

This is kamut. I soaked it overnight and sprouted it for 3 days until it had grown tails the length of the seed,Rinsing the seeds 3 times a day and allowing to drain.

Above is the type of sprouting jar I use(this one has buckwheat in it) they have a mesh lid for easy drainage. I got mine from Amazon,they are by Vogel (biosnacky) and come in a pack of two,ideal for rotating your sprouting so you always have something on the go.i usually sprout alfalfa. This is the first time I have sprouted grains and I am very happy with how it went.
The recipe for the pizza was from Going Raw by Judita Wignall, basically it involves blending up the sprouted kamut with water, oil and a binder ,I changed the recipe to use chi seeds and avocado oil as that's what I had.I also added sundried tomatoes for extra flavour. I found the grains hard to process in my food processor so didn't get such a pleasing dough as in the book, I also had to add extra water as my poor(cheaply) blender wasn't up to the job so it was a little soggy. I spread the dough on a non stick sheet and dehydrated it at 115*c overnight.

It turned out super crunchy! Have tried a bit and it's nutty and slightly chewy,can't wait to make a sauce and add toppings. I also made seed and nut cheese yesterday , this was made by blending various seeds and walnuts adding water,onion powder,nutritional yeast and one probiotic tablet to help it ferment,you then leave on the work surface for several hours.

The third thing I made to make good use go the dehydrater was courgette crisps,I cut them on my spirilizer massaged some oil into them and flavoured with lemon juice,chilli and ginger.I then dehydrated these overnight.they shrunk considerably,I think next time I will slice them thicker,lovely and crispy though!!! 

Spiralized courgette 

Ready to dehydrate,the seeds fell off whilst massaging in the oil :(

Light crispy courgette (crispettes!)

So many trays to wash up!!!!

Pizza for tea and crisps for me!
Will post later when made toppings.