Friday, 8 November 2013

Travel crochet hook holder

Ever struggled to find your crochet hooks (that you take everywhere) from the pits of your handbag or the depths of your rucksack,usually in the car when they will suddenly launch themselves out of said bag down the side of the seat!!!!then you need an extending magnetic pickerupper(technical term!) I have one of these courtesy of my partner.
An altogether more sedate idea is to have your needles easily accessible in a handy holder,if you have a particularly messy bag then a very bright colour is a great idea as you'll never miss it! Instead of an almighty rummage you sedately take out your travel size  crochet hook holder and away you go!

Travel crochet hook holder

Double knit yarn
Size 4mm crochet hook

This is my process for making the hook holder
Cast on 11 stitches ( this determines the width and can be changed if you want a wider holder)
Sc in the second stitch and then across the row,at the last stitch sc two more times to turn the corner
Sc across the other side of the cast on chain,with two extra stitches in the last/corner stitch to turn the other corner.this will leave you with a chain surrounded by sc with two turning corners(hope that makes sense?)
 Sc around in a spiral until the flat tube is the height of your needles
At the top crochet back and foward in sc to form the flap,after two rows do the following to make a buttonhole
Sc 3 stitches chain 4 stitches sc 3 stitches til end 
On the next row sc into the chain stitches,sc across the row
On next row sc across
Sc around the edge to neaten
Sew a button on and you're done
Encase your hooks and go on an adventure!

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Every rainbow heralds the sunshine so it makes sense that my next crochet item should be the sun!
My partners niece does sign language for babies and wanted a 3D sunshine for the song you are my sunshine,after some online perusal I found the perfect pattern,lo and behold I already had it in my magazine stash!!!

The magazine crochet gift list which I think I bought last year is packed full of fun projects for various occasions,am itching to do the gingerbread house next if can find the time among other projects!

The pattern for the sunshine was part of a pattern for a babies mobile

I decided to keep it simple and just make the sun,changing safety eyes for crocheted eyes for extra safety. I crocheted a strap on the back so the sun could be held easily during the song. 

Very happy with the result and apparently the babies love it!