Thursday, 13 June 2013

crocheted bag

This is the video for the cluster stitch bag from Clare at bobwilson123 on you tube. She has a whole amazing channel there which teaches the basics of crochet right through to crocheted flowers,hats,ruffled bags,afghans and much more! she also has a blog at
I was very inspired by this bag to make my own version,using granny stitch instead of cluster stitch and starting with an oval (Clare's bag has a circular base) I made this by crocheting trebles(UK) around a base chain of 12 stitches and increasing at the sides to make the base lay flat

This resulted in an oval shape of 6 rows of trebles,I then started granny stitching to make the sides.

Was a bit worried here that the bag was just going to keep getting wider!  I am using the same number of granny stitches in every row so in theory the crochet should rise up to form the sides of the bag.

Have done more rows and am happier with it,I think its just a case of persevering. The wool I am using is 100% wool called wash+filz it fine (about DK I think) from Schachenmayr . I intend to felt the bag when it is finished to make it sturdy,am hoping the stitches will close up and look a liittle like weaving.

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