Thursday, 29 November 2018

Vegan needle felting 2

Hi it's been a long time since I posted. And I've been busy needle felting. Not with bamboo fibres which make hard mean 3D items but with a new fibre called Aclaine from Japan. A company called Hamanaka is producing the 100% acrylics fibre for felting which means it is vegan!!!
I get mine from an etsy shop called SweetPeaDolls, they are super helpful, they are what's called Embassadors for Aclaine fibre which basically means they sell it in England.
It comes in a wide range of colours, mainly pretty pastels and fresh bright colours. It felts really well to itself and makes delightfully spongy soft items. It is not so good for thin detail such as stems as the fibres seem short and it retains a lot of air not unlike wadding. I am currently experimenting with it to see what it can do and have made a few flowers, a hamster and some bird brooches.


The roses were made by creating a sheet of felt first by laying it over a sponge and needling it with the clover 5 needle tool, when doing this it is important to lift the felt frequently so it doesn't stick to the foam. This sheet was then cut into two base pieces per flower and a wavy long strip which I coiled and attached from the middle outwards. This technique came from a lovely new book called Felting fabulous flowers which I got from Amazon. The pansys were also from this book.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Hand sewn jewel

This is the hand sewn jewel using sewn on gems and surrounded by beads sewn on sideways after realising they look so much more effective that way round. I have cut it off the enbroidey hoop and left tabs which i turned under and sewed together as the back. Using the same long thread i sewed the jewel onto the top of one of my shrines.
i think it looks really effective!

Felt shrine with hand sewn jewel and other embellishments.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Inspired by this charity shop find (see below) I thought I would try my hand at making my own embellishments. I have a small stash of beads etc so wil be good to use some of them up.

I first stuck some plastic gems onto felt with my glue gun, this created a problem as it was hard to sew close up where the glue had oozed out. 

This picture shows how messy the glue gets!!! I tried to trim off as much as I could without cutting the felt and sewed beads around the central gem going around twice with the thread to secure. I didn't take photos as I went so this is the final result.

Coin for sizing purposes. Now to decide how I will attach the decoration to the shrine? Glue (messy!) or cut out a neat circle and blanket stitch around. It may be too big for my purple shrine that I am making (?)

Also busy cutting out lots of circles in different colours to make roses.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Felt flowers

Hi, it's been a long time since I've posted and I am starting as I mean to go on. I am currently making love shrines out of paper mache and felt. 
This post is how I made flowers for my new shrine following a You tube video by The Flower Art
This was the most effective way of making realistic roses that I could find after a brief search. It's lots of repeatative easy steps.
1 cut out circles, the video advises 4.5cm and 8 per flower but I neede a smaller flower so cut out 6 circles 3cm in diameter. These are then cut in half.

2. Sew the circles together overlapping each other halfway.

3. Gather the petals by pulling on the thread.

4. This results in a spiral that you roll from one end to the other like a Swiss roll and gluing as you go. I couldn't take a pcture of this as it takes two hands and can get messy!!!

Hey presto ...lovely little They have fairly flat bottoms which are perfect for gluing onto shrines.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Finished pizza

Finished making the pizza tonight,decided to just use enough for a slice and save the rest. I used a sundried tomato sauce,nut cheese and marinated mushrooms,all recipes in Going Raw by Judita time I will add some greens,mainly for aesthetics as the pizza was less than exciting to look at,but oh the taste!!! The seed/nut cheese was creamy,the base and veggies crunchy and the tomato sauce tangy,what a lovely mix of flavours and textures. Next time I make the base I will make mini round pizzas or maybe lunchbox shaped?! 

This book is brilliant if you are new to raw,it has lots of detailed instructions such as how to sprout seeds,make nut cheeses,raw vegan versions of pizza,burgers,chilli and spaghetti bolognese decadent puddings,fermented foods,wraps,nut milks,smoothies even raw choc chip cookies and an amazing chocolate cherry cheesecake,if I wasn't full of pizza this book would make me seriously hungry!!!

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Dehydrated pizza and courgette crisps

Hi,I have been busy playing in my kitchen yesterday I have wanted to make a dehydrated pizza for ages but never got round to it.I used sprouted kamut grain as the base for my pizza.

This is kamut. I soaked it overnight and sprouted it for 3 days until it had grown tails the length of the seed,Rinsing the seeds 3 times a day and allowing to drain.

Above is the type of sprouting jar I use(this one has buckwheat in it) they have a mesh lid for easy drainage. I got mine from Amazon,they are by Vogel (biosnacky) and come in a pack of two,ideal for rotating your sprouting so you always have something on the go.i usually sprout alfalfa. This is the first time I have sprouted grains and I am very happy with how it went.
The recipe for the pizza was from Going Raw by Judita Wignall, basically it involves blending up the sprouted kamut with water, oil and a binder ,I changed the recipe to use chi seeds and avocado oil as that's what I had.I also added sundried tomatoes for extra flavour. I found the grains hard to process in my food processor so didn't get such a pleasing dough as in the book, I also had to add extra water as my poor(cheaply) blender wasn't up to the job so it was a little soggy. I spread the dough on a non stick sheet and dehydrated it at 115*c overnight.

It turned out super crunchy! Have tried a bit and it's nutty and slightly chewy,can't wait to make a sauce and add toppings. I also made seed and nut cheese yesterday , this was made by blending various seeds and walnuts adding water,onion powder,nutritional yeast and one probiotic tablet to help it ferment,you then leave on the work surface for several hours.

The third thing I made to make good use go the dehydrater was courgette crisps,I cut them on my spirilizer massaged some oil into them and flavoured with lemon juice,chilli and ginger.I then dehydrated these overnight.they shrunk considerably,I think next time I will slice them thicker,lovely and crispy though!!! 

Spiralized courgette 

Ready to dehydrate,the seeds fell off whilst massaging in the oil :(

Light crispy courgette (crispettes!)

So many trays to wash up!!!!

Pizza for tea and crisps for me!
Will post later when made toppings.

Friday, 25 April 2014

It's all about the food baby!

In Peterborough there is a wonderous website called greeniversity.this is a site started by Peterborough Environment and City trust where you can access courses for free by people who want to share their knowledge,usually green or sustainable activities such as gardening,knitting,swishing and cooking from scratch etc click here to find out more I have been on quite a few classes such as aromatherapy,foraging,soup making,sprouting and a self confidence class where I walked on broken glass! I love the fact that you never know what's coming next!!
I set off on Wednesday morning to Bretton woods where I thought there was a medicinal plant walk,unfortunately I had the wrong day! (It's this Saturday can't wait!) Whilst there I had a stroll in the woods and came  across a familiar sight alongside the plentiful bluebells.

Bretton woods Peterborough

There was a carpet of wild garlic either side of the pathway! This lovely plant has a subtle taste of garlic in the leaves

Wild garlic

collected a large bunch and used most of it to make soup alongside spinach from the green back yard (our local community allotment) link to green back yard to offset the dense greenness I added sweet potato,carrot,lots of onion and fennel,this made a very tasty soup which I blended as I like to eat my soup in a cup alongside my salad. 

Soup ingredients before cooking

Unfortunately I had eaten the soup before remembering to take a cooked picture!!it was very tasty!

In other food related matters I have recently signed up for a woodland farm organic fruit and veg box,this is their £16.50 box which I got on offer from groupon for £6.50 each box for 4 weeks(result!)

You get a lot in the box and they deliver to your door,in Peterborough it comes on a Thursday.

Today I made sweet chilli sauce to go over my spralized courgette noodles(courgette from veg box)

Sweet chilli sauce(raw)

You will need

Fresh tomatoes cherry are best,roughly chopped
Dates soaked in water(madjool)
Spring onions chopped finely
Red pepper(half) chopped
Wild garlic leaves shredded or garlic bulb
Chillis(I used powdered as didn't have fresh)

 Spiralized courgette to serve 

I use the Lurch Spiralizer,I have bad arthritis in my hands and I can manage this,it doesn't require much force) spiralizer on Amazon

Easy peasy! put all ingredients in food processor and blitz til the veg is broken down but still,a little chunky,like salsa, also added the soak water from the dates. Pour over the Spiralized courgette,lovely over salad or rice.

 I use my hand blender as I have broken my processor and works just as well just don't over blend or you will get fresh soup!!!